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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Game On! The Untold Secrets and Furious Egos Behind the Rise of SportsCenter" by James Andrews Miller and Tom Shale - GQ.com

So there's a new book that's an oral history of Sportscenter coming out and places like Deadspin are going bonkers over it. I never really understood Deadspin's hard-on for ESPN, makes no sense to me. Reeks of inferiority. I don't know, whatever. Sportscenter is an iconic show. And every red-blooded American male knows its the second best thing in the world to have on in the background while you nap, after golf.

That being said, I always thought Keith Olbermann was just a giant douchebag in real life. But according to this story he's like this totally misunderstood genius who completely built Sportscenter from the ground up after taking like a 300% paycut to take the gig. Learn something new everyday.


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