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Monday, May 16, 2011

"The University Has No Clothes" by Daniel B. Smith - NYMag.com

Your degree in liberal arts is worthless. So says these two dudes who graduated form Cornell and Stanford respectively. This article is getting a lot of pub and pissing a lot of people off. Basically says that college is a total racket and people would be better served going right into the work force after high school. Kind of makes sense in a way, but it doesn't mean higher education is a farce. I think the problem is that, as they say "college isn't for everyone" and it really fucking isn't. Like, Tommy DeVito who grew up down the street from you and used to eat pillbugs in 4th grade and fell off his skateboard and concussed himself 4 times in high school, that kid doesn't need to have his parents pay $40,000 a year so he can go to Ithaca and get black out drunk for four years and probably pick up a drinking problem he'll never quite shake. He doesn't. The world needs plumbers. It really does. I need a plumber right now matter of fact. Goddam shower won't stop leaking.


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