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Monday, June 13, 2011

"Host" by David Foster Wallace - TheAtlantic.com

I forget how I stumbled across this piece today--it was linked to in another article I was reading but I don't remember which--but it's really good. One of DFW's more famous articles I guess. I dunno, I thought I was up on Wallace, I guess I'm not.* It's about some conservative-radio shock jock in LA who I guess eventually became Sarah Palin's PR guy. He quit her today.


*I was thinking about DFW yesterday actually. I boiled a lobster for the first time. Three actually (Stan, Edgar, and Prickly Pete), and I was thinking about his book of essays "Consider the Lobster" which goes in depth on why we should at least give some thought to throwing a living thing that might feel pain into a boiling cauldron of water. Fuck it dude, my answer to that is, don't be so delicious. No one will eat you then. It's the same thing I said to a lamb when I visited Blue Hill last summer. Cute lamb. Bouncing around and stuff, happy as could be on the farm in a field of daisies. Too bad it was toting around those shanks. I blame victims.

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