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Monday, June 20, 2011

"The Nine Circles of Tracy Morgan" by Patrice Evans - Grantland.com

Patrice Evans is "The Assimilated Negro". I have no idea what that means in a larger sense, I assume he's a blogger or something and I didn't just say something racist? I don't know. Either way, seems like a pretty, self-deprecating name for a blog*. "Hi, I'm Uncle Tom." I don't get it.

Yup, quick Google search. He's a blogger. Figures.

Anyway, he breaks down the whole Tracy Morgan gay "controversy" in this thing. If you listen to mainstream media, and don't actually look at transcripts of what Tracy Morgan said in a recent stand up, you probably think that he said he would "stab his son to death if he was gay." Which is not what he said, but is what is being reported with reckless abandon. What he actually said, was that if his son came home talking in a high-pitched voice like a woman and told him he liked to fuck other dudes, he'd stab him to death. Which, while not a whole other ballgame, is definitely not happening in the same inning as what's being said he said, so everybody just chill the fuck out. Also, it's Tracy Morgan. No one's ever taken him seriously, ever. Why now? Eighty percent of the stuff comedians say on stage is offensive as shit. And that's why it's funny, because comedy is about taking risks. So really. chill the fuck out.

And, article:


*this from someone who blogs for your pooping enjoyment.

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