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Monday, June 6, 2011

"How to Drink the Hemingway Way" by Marty Beckerman - Salon.com

I loved this article. Great satire on writing and Hemingway and drinking. Perfect triumvirate for me. Hemingway was so goddam cool. A few high points of this piece: 1.) Hemingway on amateur writers "what amateurs call a style is usually only the unavoidable awkwardness in first trying. 2.) The photo accompanying this essay is Hemingway posing with a leopard that he killed. 3.) Ernest Hemingway invented the mojito (I didn't know that.)

My favorite Hemingway fact is that he was the first American wounded in World War I.

My second favorite Hemingway fact is that he landed the first intact tuna ever caught in the Bahamas. (The earlier ones had all been ravaged by sharks.)

thanks to Alyssa

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