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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"In the Evening" by Chuck Klosterman - Grantland.com

Listen, I've been reading Klosterman since '88. Matter of fact I used to do research for his column at Esquire for a bit. And I shit you not, this might be my favorite thing he's ever wrote. Dude is fire flames here breaking down a clip of a Led Zeppelin performance. Exhibit A:

"Play [The Beastie Boys'] "So What'cha Want" to any group of non-self-conscious Caucasian people, and they will all find themselves slouching their shoulders and intermittently throwing their hands forward with their palms turned inward. There was a time when this sort of thing was copied behavior, but now it's more like ingrained behavior."

If you like music, writing, smart things, or funny things, read this. You won't be disappointed.

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