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Monday, June 6, 2011

"Texas Still Has Its Rustlers, and Men in White Hats Chasing Them" by Dan Barry - NYTimes.com

Texas is being terrorized by cattle rustlers. Cattle rustlers. Still! Buncha varmints runnin' 'round stealing calves right out from under honest farmers' noses. The nerve.

p.s. Awful blog right there. Gross. Ashamed to put my name to it. My fourth blog of the night and I just couldn't think of anything. I'll tell you what. If you read Poopreads, and you want to write for us, and you really think you have what it takes to hang, holler at me. We can talk. We'll even dole out nicknames. No one will ever know you write for a site with such an embarrassing name as Poopreads, pussy.

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