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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Bernie Madoff Feels like a Pinata" by Bess Levin - Dealbreaker.com

Aww, you guys! Bernie Madoff feels like he's being picked on by the media (and presumably everyone in jail with a fetish for butt raping soft, old, evil men). Poor guy, he really did a lot of good in his day before he robbed blind so many people that trusted him. We should really cut him some sl-fuck that shit. No joke, I read this article yesterday and just before I came across it I was telling my boy how it would be worth it to commit a crime just to go to jail for a day and curb stomp this fat asshole like my name was Tony Soprano. Leave his teeth laying all over the street like chiclets. Honestly, one day in jail. It's worth it. Might be worth it for a week. Over a week and I'll leave it to Cletus, Mack, and Levon to levy their own brand of meat-justice against him.

p.s. The only good thing I can say about Bernie Madoff is that the name of his sportfishing boat Bull was a stroke of genius. It was a big, burly boat, designed as a place where guys could shoot the shit, owned by a man who was lying about the stock market doing well. So many levels. Smartest thing he ever did.

p.p.s. Meat-justice is the best term for prison rape ever.

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