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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Gone Forever: What It Takes to Disappear" by Evan Ratliff - Wired.com

Really cool article from Wired.com of all places on what it takes for someone to disappear in this day and age. I guess it fits for Wired because there's so much data tracked by technology today--not like the 1800s when you could just move two states over and tell everyone in town your name was Bill and you were set? Boom. New life. Old-timey times were so sketch.

Anyway, according to this, one of the main problems people who fake their deaths have is boredom. They can't really do anything interesting, because if they do, they'll get caught. I don't know if I buy that though. Based on exactly zero (0) personal experience, I feel like I could sit around and watch TV and youtube for the next ten years or so and be quite alright. Maybe hit the gym every once in a while and escape to some dumpy bar for a brew-dog or nine whenever I got thirsty. Form superficial friendships with a bunch of grimy drunks and wile away my days like my shit don't stink. Doesn't seem like a bad way to spend a decade really. I feel like that. I don't know that from personal experience. I feel it.

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