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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Big Trade" by Mark Jacobson - NYMag.com

Love this article. In-depth look at the time in 1973 when Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapped families. Wives, kids, the whole kit and kaboodle. Just about the weirdest sports story of all time right? I can't think of anything weirder off the top of my head. I suppose at the time Magic getting AIDS was probably more shocking, but not weirder. Dock Ellis tossing a no-no while tripping balls is weird but more "holy shit" weird, than "what the fuck?" weird. I'm really kind of stumped. Randy Johnson nailing that pigeon with a fastball? Forty percent of the Yankees starting rotation swapping families for realsies has got to be it right?

Anyway, break down on these people based solely on the picture with this article. Clearly Kekich was banging both chicks well before the swap. He traded out the chick second in from the right for cheekbones on the far left. Cheekbones looks like she could be frumpy but has better bone structure than the other one and that's probably why the Robert Redford looking cat ended up with her. His first wife looks a little sluttier and probably caught him earlier on with dick-breaking sex but soon he realized that she was kind of shallow and boring and she probably realized that he was kind of a dick and was banging cheek bones anyway, so she was down for the swap because that tall dopey bastard Peterson was a hell of a lot nicer. Fairly certain that's exactly how it went down.

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