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Monday, February 13, 2012

"Person of Interest: Jeremy Lin" - Jay Caspian Kang - Grantland.com

I didn't have a chance to read it but I trust Jay Caspian Kang, and Jeremy Lin is obvi hot in these streets right now. There's a lot of crazy things about this dude and this story, but the one that kills me is how much casual racism gets tossed into his overnight stardom. Motherfuckers just running around in the stands bowing to each other when he scores, and holding up signs that say "Who says Asians can't drive?" How is this just sliding by? Can you imagine if this cat was black and people were pulling this shit? There would be riots in the street. People would be getting shot in the south. Black guys would probably give up basketball en masse for hockey. It'd be pandemonium.

Jeremy Lin is a good sport.


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