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Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Ballsiest Call in Super Bowl History" by Brian Burke - Deadspin.com

Click on this article and read the entire series that was going on today between the Slate And Deadspin guys. As I've said all season it's some of the best football writing on the internet.

This one is about that call to let Bradshaw score the touchdown. It breaks it down with Sabermetrics, and apparently if Bradshaw went in the G-Men had an 88% chance of winning and if they kicked the field goal they had a 98% chance of winning. Call me old fashioned but I still would have scored the TD. It's the fucking Super Bowl. Take the points for the win and trust in your D to stop the Pats from going 80 yards in 57 seconds. A lot of things can go wrong on a 25-yard field goal. I dunno, numbers say I'm wrong but as I've always maintained, numbers are for nerds.


P.S. When that ball got tipped and there was a moment from the one angle where it looked like Gronk was gonna come down with it I almost threw up on my Sebagos. Like immediate puke. Can you imagine Gronk's status if he did come down with that? Would be bananas. Best football play ever. Would make the helmet catch look like a father-son toss in the park. Gronk would instantly have become the most famous, most popular athlete in the world and an all-time legend, even if he retired today.

Thank fucking God that didn't happen.

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