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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"The Nostalgia Fact-Check: Does The Bodyguard Hold Up?" by Kyle Buchanan - NYMag.com

I don't really remember The Bodyguard except for the fact that the music was literally everywhere when I was like, what? Eleven? I also remember the samurai sword scene, Whitney Houston would melt your dick right off your hips in that scene. Other than that, there was a toy boat blowing up and some weirdo hard-tittied robot costume that Whitney wore. That's all I got.

Costner, was he underrated, overrated, or perfectly rated? Always seemed kind of boring to me for a hollywood megastar. Never really saw it. He seemed like Harrison Ford's kicked-down and beat-up little brother. Harrison Ford sneaky grossed more than any other film star ever. Stars Wars, Indiana Jones, the Patriot Games movies. Fact. Look it up.


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