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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Correction: Dave Grohl Does Not Hate You Because You Use a Computer" by Amos Barshad - Grantland.com

Dave Grohl laid a fart on Skrillex's head during his acceptance speech at the Grammy's. As well he should. Do you realize that Dave Grohl is only 43? That's incredible, dude was the drummer for fucking Nirvana before he became the frontman for one of the top 5 biggest bands of the last, what? Fifteen years? Talk about a career. He seems like a cool guy too. Genuine, if a litle dorky even for a rockstar. So genuine and dorky in fact, that he issued this apology for his speech, which actually makes a lot of sense and is pretty funny. I know I laughed out loud at one point, but I can't remember when, it was towards the end I think.


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