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Monday, February 13, 2012

"The Rise of the Asian Superjock" by Tom Scocca - Slate.com

Deadspin republished this Slate article from 2002 about how Asians are taking over sports like it was written by some prescient genius. It's an interesting read, but genius it is not. It points out that at the time, Tiger Woods, Ichiro, Yao Ming, and Apollo Ohno were all 'dominating' their sports.

To wit, Tiger was dominant, yes. And I'm chalking that up to the fact that he got the Asian concentration and will to practice coupled with a black man's athleticism. That combination is almost unfair.

Yao Was a-ite but he was never dominant. Ichiro was good but to say he dominant is hyperbolic to the limits. And Apollo Ohno bro? Big fish in a little pond much? Damn.

This guy can make all the arguments he wants about Asian athletic dominance, but it's a weak premise. Like, yes, a few Asian dudes have done extremely well in their chosen sports. But considering there's what? Two billion Asians on the planet? Maybe more? Shouldn't we have more than four we can point too as great athletes? And if they were the most athletic race--if such a thing should exist--wouldn't they be dominating major sports leagues, given their exorbitant percentage of the world's population? The answer on all accounts, is yes.

This article's bullshit.


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