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Thursday, July 14, 2011

"YouTube Hall of Fame" - Grantland.com

Grantland brings back the YouTube Hall of Fame. I think this is a music edition sans Klosterman tossing in some video of Tolstoy from 1910.

I recommend watching the Cam'ron freestyle over Kanye West's "Dreams" beat that The Game had a hit on. Dude absolutely rips it and he is high as fuck. That being said, the writer Chris Ryan gets a little bit ahead of himself when he says Cam and Ghostface were the two best lyricists from 2001 to the middle of the decade. I'm a fan of Killah, but um, there was a fat dude from Yonkers named Jadakiss who was doing it pretty big his damn self during that time, brah. Reckanize.

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