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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Deadspin Funbag" by Drew Magary - Deadspin.com

I got into a big debate today with my boy T-Dubs about Drake. I think he sucks. Flat voice, painful metaphors, ugly, and oh yeah, he's a Canadian former child actor posing as the biggest pimp in the world and I'm not buying it. I legitimately can't stand the guy. I popped champagne, then every girl in the room wanted to bang me, something something chuckle at my own awful joke, then I felt bad about what I did that night but not that bad, now cue Lil Wayne. That's every single Drake song you've ever heard. Puketrocity.

That being said, people still like him. Which is kind of how I feel about the Deadspin Funbag. This one is about dogshit. Literally. And I have probably ten friends--none of whom even attempt to write anything--who could have written it better. You will still read it and like it. I'm embarrassed for you. I really am.

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