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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"The Stigma" by Kayleen Schaefer - Details.com

A really interesting piece from Details. First thing we've ever Poop Read from Details I believe. Weird fucking magazine. I don't get it, your readership is "straight" guys who are standing in the entrance to the closet with the door open pointing their boners at the Tom Ford poster they hung in their room? Seems kind of niche to me.

Anyway, this story is kind of the flip side to all these rape accusations that either get shot down in court or never make it to trial. Think DSK, Duke lacrosse, the NYPD "rape" cops, and that tool you went to high school with who was grabby with chicks when he got drunk but didn't have it in him to actual force his penis inside of someone who didn't want it there. You know the type.

This dude in Oregon had a one night stand with a chick who falsely claimed he raped her. He was proven innocent, but not before his life was torn apart and his name dragged through the mud. Granted he's no saint, but damn, he didn't deserve that.

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