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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Loving Obama" by Stephen Marche - Esquire.com

Stephen Marche always brings the fire when he writes. The guy's good. Here he writes probably the most, I don't know, sincere(?) article I've ever read by him. Dude loves Obama. This is basically a love note to him so if you're into Barry O. you'll probably love this. And if you're not into him, well, I posted two other dope articles tonight (James Harrison wouldn't piss on Roger Goodell if he was on fire, quote). Anyway, the guy's still the first black president, figured out some bullshit on healthcare that I should know more about but don't, had his boys jack up Osama bin Laden, could cross up any other president ever on the court, and still has time to enjoy a goddam cigarette if he wants to. Because he's the President of the United States goddamit. And he's ours.

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  1. Read it, threw up in my mouth a couple of times.,I am still fascinated by the leftists ability to wash from their minds the truth. BO has lied so often that he makes GWB look like G Washington.

    He talks like he is all about reigning in big biz and then he bends over backward to give them and his Wall St buddies at Goldman Sachs BILLIONS.

    His last speech was the most fear mongering threatening rant any president has made in 50 yrs.

    He has encourage upheaval in stable and peaceful nations who were stabilizing the mid-0east and helped turn them over to the most evil of all the islamic groups on earth.

    Do you guys on the left EVER listen to the facts from the other side?,You DO realize that having some leftard tell you what Beck said is not even close to actually listening tho what he actually said right?
    Just watch this short video with a bunch of quotes from your hero and ask yourself if you can explain or justify any of them:
    Come on! Sack up and have some integrity!
    http://goo.gl/7cd5E,,,And just s BTW- you know

    Beck was relentlessly accused of being a fear/hate monger and conspiracy nut. The man was on the air 25 hrs per week and yet how many clips have you heard of him doing either thing? NONE I'll bet! Even though PuffyHo and Kos and MSNBC etc all had people assigned to check everything he said they,couldn't offer any proof. Beck had a phone onset that only the White House had access to so they could correct anything he got wrong. NOT once did they have a correction. They spread the lies because they HATE the truth. What is it that makes you all hate the truth? The less truth there is the more death, hatred, loss, and evil in the world.