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Monday, July 25, 2011

"The Circular Ruins" by Jay Caspian Kang - Grantland.com

First of all, is "Jay Caspian Kang" the douchenozzliest name of all time? Let me get this straight: You're going by your first, middle, and last name, which signals to everyone in the world that you think pretension is cool. On top of that you're using a nickname as your first name. Then your middle name--the one you explicitly want people to know you have-- is the name of the prince in the Narnia Chronicles. And then your last name, shit man, Kang just sounds passive aggressive as a motherfucker. Kang. "This is my boy Kang." No one likes that dude Kang. Any dude named Kang is gonna be a dick 12 times out of ten. Has to be. And not even that kind of dick who you kind of have to respect because he earned the right to be one. Just the kind of dick you'd just rather not be in the room with you. In conclusion; dick. Also; Kang.

That being said Kang kicked the hell out of this Amy Winehouse article. Very cool if you can watch it with the Youtube. Make all the jokes you want about not being surprised that she was dead and blah blah blah. But no one can take it away from Winehouse that she was supremely talented and obviously deeply troubled and she died at 27. And that's just sad.

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