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Monday, November 7, 2011

"The Career Arc: Eddie Murphy" by Bill Simmons - Grantland.com

Bill Simmons goes in depth on Eddie Murphy's career. Did you know his movies have grossed more than Will Smith's and almost twice Denzel's? Me neither. Obviously the Shrek series is a good chunk of that but still. Too bad he's into trannie's huh? Guy coulda really made something of himself.

I don't get that. Trannie's. Chicks with dicks. The whole deal. Are you gay? Are you almost gay? Are you gayer than gay? Something else? It's so weird, and yet remember how many ads there were for them in the back of porno mags? Tons. Shitloads. Dudes must be into that shit. At least in the 90s anyway.

Hey here's Lola. She's smoking hot and wearing a skirt. She's also got a legit hammer. Deal with it.

RIP porno mags.

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