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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"YouTube Hall of Fame" - Grantland.com

Another Grantland piece? Sure why not. This is from the always watchable/readable YouTube Hall of Fame series. It's the editors' picks for the best movie trailers ever. Some of them are really oddball picks. I have no idea what my favorite movie trailer of all time is but it must have been better than some of these.

Ahhh, yes. The name of the movie was Deuces Wild. Saw that trailer in the cinema with my boy Phil and we were all "ooohhh shit that movies gonna be suh-weet!" I think we honestly went on opening weekend in 2002. Worst. Fucking. Movie. Ever. Made. Period.

Here's the trailer. I have the sinking suspicion that re-watching it now for the first time in 9 years I'm going to realize how fucking dumb I was in 2002.

Just watched. Oh good Jesus was I dumb. You too Phil. You too.

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