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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Boy from Gitmo" by Michael Paterniti - GQ

So this dude got arrested when he was 12 for blowing up some soldiers in Kabul and it turns out he didn't do it. They figured it out after he spent his entire teenage-hood in Gitmo. Tough hand dealt. Here's an awesome quote from the story between a hardened terrorist and his assigned Marine lawyer. Trust me, read this quote and you'll read the whole article.

"Don't you know I'm your enemy?" he says. Montalvo responds that, legally speaking, he feels that a First Amendment argument can be made on his behalf, but al-Bahlul interrupts, jangling his chains. "Don't you know that if that door were opened and we both were out there free, I'd kill you?" Nothing has prepared Montalvo for this kind of venom, but his reaction is visceral. He leans forward and says, "Don't you know that if that door were open and we both were free, I'd kill you first?"


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